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What Could Possibly Go Wrong

What could possibly go wrong?

We welcome you to curatorial vision of Stephen Mallon and a night of exploring the work of eleven contemporary artists, all traversing environmental and social challenges we as a society have created.

We are pleased to introduce you to the photography of Sasha Bezzubov who documented the California fires more than a decade ago, as well as Lori Nix’s illustrations of cities being taken back by nature. This exhibition exquisitely visualizes our battle with nature and ourselves.

These personal works of art are all an external manifestation of an apprehensive mood fed by a growing litany of frightening catastrophes, a collection of many destructive crises consuming the world. More than creating a surreal or fantastical landscape as in Ken Ragdale’s work, these images are the mirror of our current environmental predicament. Barry Rosenthal and Alejandro Duran both create a new landscape with the waste they have collected, joining or building its own landscape.

We invite you the viewer to join us in asking what could possibly go wrong?? With all of the terrifying visualizations of our reality, we still have room for play as seen with Dave Cole’s sculptures merging children’s toys with grenades.

Exhibiting artists : Sasha Bezzubov, Dave Cole, Alejandro Duran, Jessica Hargreaves, Sarah Olson, Karen Marston, Eva Nikolva, Lori Nix / Kathleen Gerber Ken Ragsdale, Barry Rosenthal and Zachary Skinner

The exhibition will be at Walnut Hill Fine Art at 551 Warren Hill in Hudson, NY. It is on view May 25th until July 28th.

Reception for the Artists : May 25th 5-7 pm

Curated by Stephen Mallon. 917 554 3871