Zoë Pawlak : Imagined Vessels
to May 19

Zoë Pawlak : Imagined Vessels

In her latest series, Imagined Vessels, Canadian based painter Zoë Pawlak explores an entirely new body of work. Imagined Vessels, records the tranquility of an object while designating the vessel as a holding space for new ideas, patience, and capacity.

Imagined Vessels documents how a body can be steady while retaining its power. In her most honest and innovative work to date, Zoë demonstrates how one can maintain wholeness while innovating for further expansion.

Observing the merging worlds of art and design and recording her place in it, Zoë digs deep into her expert use of colour, texture and composition to orient herself, while elevating the vessel as a space for stillness and potential.

Join us in welcoming Zoë Pawlak to Hudson on Saturday, April 20th from 5-7 pm.

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